Scientists need your help - can you solve the puzzle?
In their research, scientists collect a large number of photographs and images. By studying these pictures, scientists can learn about how to best protect the environment.

Scientists use computers trained with deep learning to find out what is in pictures. While the computers can identify some of the pictures correctly, they aren't always right. Humans, however, are very good at deciding what is in pictures. You can help scientists by classifying the images that the computer doesn't understand.

  • Computers can figure out 1/3 of the images.
  • Computers are unsure about 2/3 of the images. This is where you can help!

DISCLAIM : DEMO PURPOSE ONLY (images provided by Snapshot Serengeti researchers)

“ Hundreds of camera traps in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, are providing a powerful new window into the dynamics of Africa's most elusive wildlife species. We need your help to classify all the different animals caught in millions of camera trap images. ” -- from

Restoring rainforests

Rainforests are in danger - more than half of the Earth's rainforests have been lost! Can we recreate destroyed rainforests?

Restoration of tropical forests cannot be done without appropriate root fungi. It is known that trees and many other plants such as ferns, mosses and orchids need root fungi for their survival and growth. By screening roots for fungi, researchers can see if changes occur in reforested and natural areas and learn about the health of these forests.

What can you do?

We need you to look at microscopic pictures of roots. By identifying fungal structures in roots, we can judge if beneficial fungi are growing inside the roots and by how much they are colonizing the plant. This gives us a clue as to how healthy these forests are.

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Credit: All images and expert labels are provided by Snapshot Serengeti researchers

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